The Coffee Date

It was Saturday morning that day,

He received a call, heard a familiar voice on the other side,

“So, what did you plan,…about the date?” She asked with a sheepish grin

“The coffee is long overdue, 2 years, I recollect” He responded

“Yes, what are your plans for today?” She asked

She knew that he was a type of person who would plan his entire month a month prior.

“Coffee and You” He replied with a smile that would flatter anyone

“These many years and you still carry the flirty personality that you did a long time ago” She responded with a smile

“I still do, Miss” He replied

“Well, you still aren’t as innocent as you look” She added

“Innocence lies in the eye’s of the observer, and guess who’s the observer here?” He responded.

“I wonder, no one can win you with their words!” She exclaimed

“By words, none did” He responded with a smile

“See, this is how I confirm your identity over a call, just two sentences and so many meanings out of it, seriously, you will never change” She replied

“Well, at least someone is trying to confirm my identity, that’s great!, we meet at 1030 hrs, place you decide” And he cut the call.

She was a happy person, and her smile worth a thousand stars.


P.S: To be continued (Imaginary plot)………Stay tuned for “The Coffee Date-II”

Image Courtesy: Pexels





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