Dear Brother

Growing up with you,
Was a rollercoaster ride,
Full of happiness and joy…

How can I forget the time,
When you used to walk beside me to the school,
Never did you hold my hand,
Because you wanted,
To transform me into a strong person….

The times WE used to play CRICKET,
At various different locations,
Which included
Living room, Kitchen and what not??

I still remember the time when you broke my brand new spects,
With the ball hitting straight on my face….

I still remember,
How you made me sit,
On the extremely hot leather seat,
Of your Bullet,
Not only burning my bums
But also
You burnt my urgency to pee,
Over that hectic 2 hrs ride on your bullet…

You always lost the carrom’s match,
When I and DAD used to team up,
And you used to lose….

As we grew old,
Into two extremely different personalities,
Who serve the same PURPOSE,
Being two strong PILLARS,
For a building called “MOM”…..






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