Dear True Love

Dear True Love,

They say that you happen only once, and I am eagerly waiting for that moment, with quite a lot of expectations. My expectations aren’t superficial, rather they are real. My needs are limited and not much complicated. My eyes keep searching for you all the time. But yet, you need to be found. I deployed all my senses to find you. I’m a bit weird, I’m someone who would be in the crowd and you would fail to recognize me, because I love to keep things professional, but for you, I would change myself. Because, I know, you’re that special someone.

There were times when I required an extra helping hand, but I never asked anyone for help, there were times when my emotional strength was touching the ground. I was about to collapse, but I kept myself running so that I won’t be exhausted before I find you. I don’t want something very superficial from your side. I just want you to be there, during my best times and my worst failures. I don’t want you to empathise or sympathize with me, I rather want you to show me what I am capable of. I want you to reflect my very own personality! I don’t want a cheerleader, I want a person on whom I can rely forever. I would never wish stars to be on my side because you will be. 

They did ask me “How can you never get bored with the same person for 30 or 40 more years?”

I have a different theory, Rather spending time with “x” different people for “y” different years, why not spend time with the one person with “y” subsequent years? Not only will the person get to know your strength and weakness, but also the person would uplift and curb your weakness and give you a new perspective towards life which would definitely be refreshing for you. 

I don’t want to be that person who is over-protective or annoying, 

I want to be that person who would light up the entire hallway when you arrive home. I don’t want any special treatment, I just want you to be there with me on the couch during weekends enjoying long conversations together and neutralizing all the mental toxicity we had to undergo in our respective professional life. 

Dear true love, I wish this letter never ends, but I would love to save a few words for you when I meet you in person. I hope my dream comes true. I hope I see you soon.


P.S: Again, a letter to a hypothetical person.   




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  1. Once again, my sincere wishes your way. May all your dreams about her come true. However, do keep room for alterations in your dream as not everything maybe exactly the way you wish it to be. Am over-practical, so feel free to ignore me 😛

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    1. Whatever you said is pretty true and I totally agree with it. I too am over-practical and literally have zero expectations. There’s no ignoring, because your comments draw conclusions for my blog which keeps my brain engaged for a better upcoming blog. Thank you for giving this a read.


  2. The line where you said that **you didn’t want a cheerleader**hit me. I wrote something related to that on my blog. (do give it a read) Let the posts rolling. I enjoy reading them. 🎈

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      1. Oh.. That’s nice..

        In my case circle of life is not complete then I guess.. Losing someone forever and still waiting for him to return is pointless I guess but moving ahead is destination-less..

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      2. You have the answered for yourself in your the second line of comment “Circle of life isn’t complete”. I hope you find peace and happiness with the decision you take. Destination’s are set by us, It depends totally on us where we lead our life to.

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