• education-system-in-out-cartoon.jpgThis article is dedicated to each and every Indian present as whole of this article keeps pressure on why we should improve our education system and how it will affect pay-scales of employees working in MNC’s and other such companies.
  • Let me start taking college evaluation system which drops a huge load which is nearly equal* to 100 tonnes of explosives (*because we all know its more than that) and we need to analyze,work hard and need to study every subject though we know its not at all required in our future job and it doesn’t stand among our primary targets.
  • For example, A future Software Technician is presently studying welding and machine tools in his B.Tech course which is not at all required for him until and unless he is jobless or else he is dragged down to road because of financial conditions.
  • Unlike India other countries gives their students opportunities to select various subjects and accordingly they will be given points as per selection of the subjects,for example if a student selects 3 hard subjects and 2 easy subjects and if he clears the 3 hard subjects then he will be awarded more points which will make his resume look shiny and catchy..whereas in India we are given 6 theory subjects and 3-4 practical subjects for 6 months tenure and the only condition is that we need to clear each and every subject whatever the condition may be.
  • And coming to the precision of the engineer or the work quality after they graduate is better in India but we lack social behavior as we are never allowed to explore the outer world and hence we remain in the box whereas students from other countries explore a lot and think outside the box and hence their demand increases.
  • Coming to pay-scale in India a fresher after graduation is given a starting salary of INR 25,000-30,000 per month approx whereas minimum work  hours range from 7 to 8.
  • Comparing with other countries, a person who is doing graduation and who is doing part time job easily earns $ 800 per month (INR 53,000) and note that its just a part time job.
  • So if we compare we need to change our education system from quantity based to quality based asap.





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  1. This “System” is what keeps us Indians lagging behind, . Our students are literally dissipating their energy and expertise, instead of harnessing and focussing them.
    “You can’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree.”
    . – Albert Einstein.

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