Tea Or Coffee?

Why do you have to suffer all the pain alone?
Why do you have to name yourself “The house-maker”?
Why do you always have to look after the house,
Though you are provided with maids to help you out,
You still do the work,
Why do you have to be answerable to everyone?

Let me help you out one day,
Let me put my badge,
The stars on my shoulder aside,
Let me remove my uniform,
Let me not be a soldier,
Let me be with you for one day,

Let me feed you,
I too want to feel the happiness when you have your dinner from my hand,
I too desire that you sit on the couch,
And watch your favourite TV shows,
Whereas I would be preparing you a meal,

Let me look after you Mom,
You are growing old,
But I was busy somewhere serving my country,
Let me take a leave,
A leave forever, to serve my mother who gave birth to me,
Let me remove the stars from my shoulder,
I don’t want a badge which never helps me when you fall sick,
I will do dishes for you, instead of loading up my gun,

Just for one day,
I wanna be beside you,
You relaxing by the verandah,
And I come to you, holding two cups,
And with a cute smile on my face,
Do I ask you – “Tea or Coffee??”




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