Little Things-A Series of Short Stories

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_Why is there a sign at the end of the road for a U-turn,_ Asked his son pointing towards the end of the road. _So, that people do return back and not go that way_ His Dad answered. The next day he found a sign-boar

_What does it take to spend a day with Me__ Her Dad asked her. _Find a reason for Me to bunk school_ Replied the 7-year-old.

_Wake up, your head is so heavy,_ She said_Let me sleep, you keep driving. Shall I hold your waist too_ So that I don't fall while dozing off__ He asked with a smile._Sure, why not_ Make sure you hit your head first

_So, what's there for dinner today__ She winked at him _A Heartful Burger and french fries, fried in Love, My Love_ He replied and winked back

_It will just feel like someone pinched you, nothing more, you won't even know if there's a needle inserted, Just don't look there, look here, at Me,_ Said the 11-year-old._Haha, Sure I will look at you, my Love_She


It has been a long time that my iconic short stories made it to my blog. I’ve spent a lot of time crafting them for my upcoming book. Presenting a few among them before you to judge. And yes, The comeback would be much more awesome. Await for the next blog. Have an Amazing read. Thank you for your constant Love & Support.



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