Why the Barrier? (Outrage #2)

Let me take you through a world that I have seen and experienced,

Aisha and Karan were best friends, they shared a lovely friendship,

They used to commute via the same bus,
The bus had 30 students and 2 faculty members,
Whenever they met in college they used to talk a lot,
Learn from each other a lot,
You might think why weren’t they having the “talks” in the bus rather at college,
Well, welcome to the “Great Indian Education system” (yes, It’s truly great in few aspects).
The reason why Aisha and Karan were not able to talk in the bus being, girls and boys weren’t allowed to sit together (Crime#1 : Gender Biasing) and that applies to all age types in India and buses (emphasize on college/school buses not the state/regional trasnport ones) too.

One fine day, Aisha was finding difficulty in solving a programming problem, she looks for help, but the brains over there were of no help except one, he was Karan. Karan had to occupy the back seats because he was a boy! (Crime#2: Enforcing laws and not giving a chance to put a proper chance/trial for opposing). Aisha wasn’t allowed to go to the “back” section of the bus as she is a girl (repetition of Crime#2) and Karan couldn’t come front. Hence, Aisha was left to solve the question to herself and she couldn’t understand the solution even though the resource for her was just metres away!

Let’s now have a brief study on crimes committed in the above scene and the outcomes of the same before you bash me out in comments section (If I am wrong, you know free country with enforcement 😛 )

I understand that for different purposes a wall is built between the genders in India,

  1. Security reasons for Girls
  2. Girls shouldn’t sit near boys and versa (because the system thinks that the girl would be pregnant by just sitting beside a boy).

FYI the second point was so funny that I cracked up, I couldn’t help it.

Let’s first discuss the first point which is pretty much valid, but here’s the catch, why is security, a reason for girls? When you do research a lot, you will find out that the security is a major issue because of gender biasing that’s done during primary and secondary schooling which raises the issue. Humans are biased on the basis of gender, just because one would know who would bear the child (else doctors would operate on a male until he delivers), jokes aside, Biasing on the basis of gender in a school/college bus doesn’t only promote gender biasing but also creates an insecurity among the young and developing minds.

If this is how a student is educated, what do you think he/she would become in future?

“Education starts at home” – Peter Mckenzie

The above quote refers to a point that education is what we learn throughout the journey called “Life”, it’s not mere academics and grades, it’s about the values that we learn. And what are we going to learn from Crime#1?

Now coming to Crime#2, let’s now understand, if a boy sits beside a girl and makes her feel uncomfortable then the required action has to be taken,

But what if the girl has no objection if the boy sits beside her, and if the girl is comfortable with a boy sitting beside her, and if the action is taken against this issue then it creates a negative impact on boys psychology, he might assume that the girl is being rude or something else, which then creates a barrier between them. The barrier created by the third party (The system).

Now let me give possible solutions (which suits this system (*sarcasm)) a few points that I might have missed on,

  1. Gender sensitization and awareness should be taught during primary schooling (which Indian education system lacks).
  2. You can just build a wall in the bus if you want to, to separate males away from females or Why not try sex education?
  3. Stop imposing and start exploring!
  4. Don’t create criminals for tomorrow, just create bright minds by giving them space to grow!

I know, few of you might disagree or bash me on the way I have put things, but who cares. If they did, we could have seen changes, changes take time, but crime rate narrates a different story altogether. Just let the young minds understand and interpret things before you draw any conclusion and create a mess. 

The reason why I start my blogs with a short story is to make my targets realize and make them understand if they ever read this, but I forgot, they (The system) doesn’t know that there’s something that they forgot to impose a ban on and it’s WordPress.

I am an Observer, I love to observe and change things which are done the wrong way, but few things I cannot change because of these handcuffs, I write over here, my outrage.

P.S: People who want proof, I will surely provide you with one, but not here, you can contact me over the “Contact” Page.

And the system has the best reply to foil all my writing, it is “Security reasons” as if males are demons!

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Here’s the link to Outrage#1: https://mypartoflife.wordpress.com/2018/04/13/the-outrage/


Why the Barrier?




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  1. You have penned down your thoughts so well..completely agree ‘the education is what we learn throughout the journey called “Life” and gender biasing only creates unnecessary conflicts and insecurity among the young minds! Excellent post dear 😊

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