My First Book: Purple-A Series of Short Stories

Hello Readers,

The book is titled as “Purple” because It symbolizes power, nobilityluxury, and ambition. It conveys wealth and extravagance. Purple is associated with wisdomdignity, independence, creativitymystery, and magic.

It all started with a simple thought that I had, to compile all the short stories and emotional blogs into one volume and to make it available for offline/online readers forever so that they understand the true meaning of relationships, love, psychology, life and what not! It wasn’t an easy task for me, I had written so many short stories and was framing many during the same time, To reach each and every possible age group audience was a challenge. 

In this digital world where we are losing bonds, and then forgetting the relationships we carry with us since our birth, we just spare time to browse through the massive pile of information i.e. Internet, but we somewhere forgot where we originated from. 

Purple-A Series of Short Stories deals with such moments that we miss in our beautiful life. 



Do have a look at my first ever e-book on Amazon.

Comments and Criticism are most welcome!!!!

Thank you,



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