Dear Crush

Dear Crush,


It isn’t Friday yet and I am here awaiting you to come downstairs.

Remember how you broke up with several friends of yours because they didn’t like you to achieve milestones?

I do have their names jotted down,

The way you used to trip and fall while coming down from stairs,

Yes, that’s how crazy you were about Friday nights, It just meant like a system restart for you,

The way you used to adore babies and dogs, they would come to you in the first place,

You did possess this comfortable, soothing aroma around you,

Which would get the most Handsome guy nervous around you,

But you are a totally different person, You love simple things, and Prefer it that way,

Your gorgeous self gave out a totally different requirements list to the world, whereas your inner-self just desired simple and beautiful things,

As you would walk by my side, I won’t trip or fall for you, I just adore the way you carry yourself, the selfless & caring attitude, the smile on your face, and the “Down to Earth” the way you used to express yourself which people failed to recognize,

You never dreamt about some highlander, you always awaited for the most simple person to come to you,

You knew your priorities well, and your strengths much better,

You were quite different from me, You would crack a joke and everyone would laugh at it, everyone would admire your presence and try to initiate a conversation with you,

And I would be there, seated at the corner seat, trying not to make eye contact with you,

Because your questions were always tough to answer, weren’t they?

People just thought it was always about Me,

But they were wrong all the time, It was always about us,

You used to acknowledge my presence in a positive way and never made a move because you knew that this introvert would run away to some farthest corner,

Maybe you were right!

I would have done that, but only after we got married,

Because you deserve more than what this world has to offer.

Because you are different,

Away from the normal,

You are the brightest one, One who would never give up on me during my tough times,

One who would always stand by me, 

Forever and ever again,

I would love to see you wake up from the bed while falling back again on the bed,

Trying to prove with your puppy eyes that you want your coffee while on the bed,

I would just smile and leave towards the kitchen area,

Just to surprise you with breakfast!

Your favourite one,

Till Death tears us apart.

I would always be there shielding you with my bloodied wings!

And that’s when I woke up from my sleep, still in my tuxedos, and she lay beside me in her wedding dress, beautiful white, just like an Angel.


P.S: A letter of mine to a hypothetical person.



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22 thoughts on “Dear Crush

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    1. Haha, I don’t actually have a crush Rinum, it’s just a hypothetical letter that I wrote. Maybe in near future, if I have any, I’m definitely gonna make her read this. Thank you for such wonderful comment. It made my day. Keep Blogging 🙂


    1. Thank you so much Cecile for the appreciation! Means a lot to me. I specialize in writing hypothetical letters, and this is one of them. Maybe I could make one read this in near future. Keep Reading 🙂


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