“The Not So Mainstream”

It was early morning of Monday, He was awaiting his turn to sign the documents which she wasn’t. Maybe she had a second thought, Maybe a hope, A hope that he will change his decision and recall his mistakes.

Recollecting the memories she had with him, she wasn’t able to even hold the pen, rules were clear and so was the game, The game of LOVE, which had so many turns that it made them zero, or was it just a misunderstanding they had?

Sitting on the bench, they stared at one another’s face and recollected the beautiful moments they had together, him holding her hand when she would be asleep so that she won’t leave him and go. Her giving him a kiss by holding his face tight, And the series of memories which were imperishable…..

Without a second thought she turned to the last page of the official document meant for divorce, she held the pen, and to her shock, she didn’t see his sign on papers, rather she read 



Reading which they left the magistrate office, HAPPILY.

And the magistrate with a sparkle in his eyes, because he didn’t separate a couple!!



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