Dear Sister,

This time I won’t say sorry nor will I apologize for not coming to your place and spending time with you, this time I would just love to say

“You make me feel proud,You give me happiness,You are my anti-depressant drug”

How can I forget those moments when we used to play together for hours, you had to tolerate all of my poor joke’s and you had tolerated all my WWE move’s that I tried on you.

How can I forget your expressions you used to give when I used to tell you those double meaning jokes, how can I forget that caring nature of your’s when I was sick.

How can I forget your “haha” react on each and every of my profile picture’s,how can I forget your side looks which you used to give when i used to irritate you at a whole new level.

I still remember how we used to stare girl’s and you used to tell me which girl will suit me, I was too shy to stare but you…you used to see them like you are going to marry them !!!  How can i forget that assignment betrayal episode when you completed your assignment and you didn’t even tell me about it, I knew about it when I saw marks and there was a cute smile on your face which read as “revenge”.

This time I will not scold you for sleeping for enormous number of hour’s, I won’t stop you from eating unhealthy food, I won’t stop you from stopping our college bus on the middle of the road to buy some snacks, I won’t scold you for roaming outside late nights because I will be there with you every moment, every second watching your six-O-clock, keeping you safe from people, hiding you behind my back so that people meet me first so that I can scan the threats like a perfect anti-virus s/w and later will I send them to you. I will make sure you stay safe because you are my best-friend and care-taker.

Maybe I am not so good at expressing myself but each and every of my gesture narrates a whole new story, a whole new dimension of our brother-sister relationship which I expect to end when I leave this world, until then there’s a person who’s gonna protect you.

Maybe I do not share that blood relationship with you but the love I have for you as a brother is more than just a 6 letter word “blood”…. Maybe you are thinking it’s a 5 letter word but for me it doesn’t carry any importance, for me what matters is your well-being, which I am gonna make sure it does!

With this I would like to end this article but this is just a milestone which we came through throughout our whole journey.

Always stay happy and if you aren’t then I will make sure to make that person cry whoever makes you unhappy. 

Lot’s of Love,

Your Brother,

Kalyan Parimi


To all those brother’s and sister’s out there, Happy Rakshabandhan !

Protect your sisters as they are the only one who are gonna bear all your tantrum’s without even uttering a word.


I would love to add a short video I made for you as my sketches still suck!




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