Final Rant-College or a Detention Camp?

Security camera’s installed everywhere,

Invading privacy and personal space,

Covering everything from what happens within the buses,

To what’s going on in the corridoors,

The observation was done 24*7 by a team,

This insitution never underwent any security breach,

Was it to prevent suicides, which were initiated by this Education System?

There was no such environment left for creativity,

Everyone awaited for the bell to ring,

It was more like a trap for each one of them,

A trap they were thrown into by their parents and society,

A trap which promised them a bright future,

Little did they know that bright future was nothing but a Nine-to-Five job,

This education system, where “Education” now has turned into “Business”,

“Teaching” skills can be sold, but not to an extent which demands self-respect,

Tired and exhausted, he lays down his weapons (Research papers, his creativity)

before the system, and accepts his defeat, Because this is how things work!

You’ve to bow down before the system!!

The system that was created to support students while they win battles,

Now have to fight the battle against it!

And guess, what happens?

The system wins, always.

I received several questions, sometimes it is about why I don’t take the side of Indian Education System? Why am I against it? and so on several questions which are quite illogical in my opinion.

Now, let me make a few things clear, Yes, Indian Education System is quite good, but if we observe carefully, post nursery onwards the burden in our backpack increases, it should rather decrease. You may ask why, and I have a solid reason for this. Knowledge should be transferred from books to the brain, So if we analyze, as we get promoted to higher levels of schooling, our intelligence should increase and the number of books we carry shall decrease. But the opposite happens, the main reason is “Education system”. They cease to give student enough time to pursue his dreams, and yes few parents play a major role by ruining their child’s dreams by either showing him the economic stability with a kind of job that child hates to do or by making the child believe that his/her dream is shit! 

This doesn’t end here, there’s a bond that exists between parents and the educational institutions. The bond says;

“I hereby hand over my heir to you and you are responsible to convert him into a corporate model, it’s totally fine if in the process the dreams, creativity etc of the child are destroyed with a slap of responsibility. Even if it snatches the student’s life.”

Yes, I do understand that with overpowering demands made by parents, education has turned into a mere business and not a learning process, but there’s a narrow line that exists between personal and professional life of a student. This line till date has been crossed millions of times by the educational institutions making the students personal life miserable and caged. Now, this develops the student into a dark-minded personality, who hates the world. So, where are we?

The Education System that is meant to educate and enhance a students future is turning them into deadly weapons?

Talking about the so-called “Education System” which fails to show the real world to students, which fails to show them the competition, which just teaches them basic formula’s and leaves them into this practical world. I do understand basics are required, but what are we doing with so many subjects? Why do we have 10-15 subjects in a single grade/class? Why aren’t the students allowed to choose something that they love? And even if they are allowed why is there pressure from parents and society? 

The reason why the pressure is being put on a student is quite simple, the older generation have themselves underwent such education system which fails to showcase them the bigger picture and limits them to a much smaller frame, which later is imposed on the younger generation, sometimes against their will.

I still can picturize my graduation which is to happen this year, A prison bus that would arrive at my stop which would have all the prisoners(students) awaiting their statement(destination), and few prison guards(professors/teachers) who are assigned to each prison bus so that prisoners don’t escape while en route.

I hope the situation changes, and those who are asking what I’m gonna do for the situation to change. I’m doing my best by guiding people. I hope the outcome would be something very sweet.


P.S: The featured image tells it all about the system.




4 thoughts on “Final Rant-College or a Detention Camp?

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  1. Well written! I definitely agree with all that you’ve said. 😊
    The education system, especially the one in India, is ridiculous. We are made to rote learn subjects instead of applying our minds. 90% of what we learnt in school was forgotten by us long ago. The education system has indeed become a business. It really is sad.

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