I Will Be Back

You left so early,

I still have so many things planned to do with you,

I know, you always were and will be with me,


I miss your presence somewhere,

I still don’t attend parties or events,

I just occupy myself with some work,

And try to cook some excuse for not attending the party…..

You always were a shield to me,

A shield which would provide everything,

From a nurturing friend to a teacher,

You didn’t teach me just Math when I was in my 8 and 9 class,

You taught me Life lessons which I would never forget,

How can I forget,

Getting down the stairs with you in front,

I used to count the number of stairs as you were busy giving life lessons,

You always told me,

“Study well, We always felt proud of your performance in academics”

“Eat healthy food”,

Well, now I am contacted by higher authorities everywhere,

I am now known for my knowledge, not for my marks,

I am not anymore that innocent person,

Whom you thought would be kidnapped on his way to home,

Now I can take care of myself and family,

I can now handle stress the same way you did,

I guess I don’t have white hair as you do,

But still, I am amateur before you, always,…

The memories with you,

The moments I spent with you,

Always roll before my eyes as a slide show,

A never-ending slide show,

Which makes me laugh, which makes me cry,

I hope that someday I meet you,

This time, the place would be your’s but Life lessons would be mine,

I will talk, you will listen,

I will shower my love onto you,

And tell you how people are on Earth,

One day, let’s plan a meet, Guide me,

All this pain, I forgot, I hope you too will,

And why will you have any sort of pain,

You have one of your own blood guarding the family…

Will let the stars shine!!

Yours and only Yours,





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