The Outrage

“Slam a Code of misconduct” The so-called management officer ordered,

“But, I have clarification, and you know it’s not my mistake” the student replied

I know it’s not your mistake but still, I have to support the illogical decisions made by the faculty who made a complaint about you” he replied.

Illogical, Egoist, High self-confidence, Moody, Sadist, Schadenfreude

and the list continues.

What do you incur from the above words, definitely not a faculty member/ any academician/any teacher/professor?

But wait, not every person is perfect!!

But imperfections should have a limit or should be controlled, but in that student’s case, it was quite different, the rules, the players, and everyone else were controlled by the college management.

He was a highly intelligent person with applaudable communication skill set, but he failed. He failed this education system and management just because few apples were rotten in the basket(college). They cannot be replaced because they were lying in the basket for such a long time that the basket doesn’t want to let them go. But what if the basket falls?

He aimed for it!!

Not every apple was rotten then, Few professors were with him, showing him full support because they had experience and taste of this education system and they desire a change because he was right. The student was damn f***ing right. But wait the story doesn’t end here.

He is still pursuing his education in the same college. And how can a student fight the management in the same college where he is studying. He knows he can lose his Degree. He knows that 3 years of his pain can go in vain. And so he just absorbs everything, Like a black hole does… But the college management being unaware that black holes when expand are capable of engulfing extremely over-sized planets.

The student on the other side was such a person with an attitude which would be so pleasant that professors were always on his side, Yes!!! because they were professors/teachers and they knew the difference between wrong and right. But few didn’t because they possessed an ego, An ego with which they gave a direct complaint to the college management about the misbehaviour of student even though it wasn’t his fault. He didn’t even say a cuss word, unfortunately, the person who registered the complaint doesn’t understand English, hence couldn’t interpret what the student said. FYI, it was a damn reputed college but still, we have rotten apples.

“We are enforcers, much more like we enforce base-less and logic-less laws, But we love ourselves to be called as enforcers for more intake because which Indian parent wouldn’t like to send his/her child to an institution which has Security Cameras installed, though not for security, We care about student’s academics so much that we keep a schedule of lectures starting from 9 AM and which end by 4:30 PM, so that when the student goes home, his brain is so f***ed up that he can just cuss and regret his life. And he can have a nice sleep so that next morning he would be ready, ready for the next round!!”


Your ___________

(You are already aware of what will be there in that blank 🙂 Just fill it up by yourself in comments section)

Why don’t we understand that rules are meant to act as boundaries which would stop students from doing malpractices but they shouldn’t be like a rope tightening across their neck, Giving them hard time to breathe. Slowly it overpowers students wish to do anything creative, later it overpowers their ability to think and they end up in a rectangular box(the right one in pic below), unfortunately, which shares the same shape of the compass box they used to carry.

Image Sources: Google

Oh C’mon whats your problem, just speak up, why do you have to misinterpret everything, I know language is barrier for you, but you still made it to the institution years ago without knowing basics of the official language, I know that you have ego problems, but you are just being yourself, And I can pretty much understand why you made a complaint. Because that’s the only place where someone will stand with you, in support!! and please stop misusing powers that you have access to!

Truly & Sincerely,

A Student

Awaiting the day when the RIGHT will be done to the DESERVING person and Wrong to the OPPOSITE ONE’S.



PS: The above outrage is for the targeted audience and not all the institutions, and No HUMAN OR ANIMAL(I had to mention) was harmed during the outrage.

Cheers to Life!! 




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