Place : Undefined

His mom called him again and again,

“Son, I have prepared your favourite snack, why aren’t you eating?”, She asked

“Son, you always used to talk with me, why aren’t you speaking anymore?”

“Why don’t you respond to my calls, Why can’t I see you smile?”

Everything was going in vain, Her every try.

Little did she know that HE killed himself yesterday morning,

Now he won’t respond to anyone,

He is somewhere in the heaven listening to the calls of his mom,

He won’t eat anymore, he doesn’t have to,

His tears yesterday were enough to fill his stomach,

Now he is regretting his own decision,

Now he knows that his existence was beautiful,

But now he knows what he is missing out,

But he cannot get back to it.

-Kalyan Parimi

I too underwent depression myself, it’s not depicted neither shown on anyone’s face, they look like happy people, but somewhere they feel the void. But we rarely find time to ask anyone “How’s everything going, how are you feeling?”. Because now we totally have such digital life where even if we meet in real life, we just capture the so-called photographic evidence which we can reflect on our social media profiles and flaunt our so-called beauty which unfortunately isn’t our inner-beauty.

Image Source: QuoteHD

We need to learn from above quote that whenever we face the sad part of our life, there’s one beautiful part that we are missing out.

The human life expectancy has decreased to 60-70 years on an average. Just imagine if we spend half of our life i.e. long 30 years in just being sad or unhappy, how can we even achieve things with such attitude? 

Let’s do a calculation,

Your first 10 years i.e. 0-10 years of your age you don’t feel any such emotion because you are just a kid and try to enjoy life.

Let’s assume from 11-20 years of your age you face problem but at the same time you make friends and you be happy so we can take 5 years of yours that you spent in being unhappy.

Now from 21-30 years of your life, you underwent a lot of stress and you were very prone to depression. So here we can take 6-7 years out which you spent being unhappy.

So with the above calculation, you can observe we get 5+7 = 12 years of unhappiness.

Is it worth it, being unhappy or depressed?

Not at all!!!!!!

C’mon each and every one of us has been into depression but we need to evolve, we need to learn that there are opportunities which make us happy but we forcefully neglect them, It’s just like when you see only one color in your life, you don’t feel to explore the other colors because you are committed to only one color.

So, let’s just lift ourselves back up, Let’s explore this wonderful world which we never did!!

Let’s keep sad things aside for a moment and enjoy the present with our loved ones.

Let’s just be happy and cheerful!

Cheers to LIFE!!


PS: Anyone whosoever has any take can freely comment below. I would be glad to reply.



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