To My Future Self

Dear 30-year-old Me,

Your past was traumatizing and pretty much dark, you saw no sunshine, you never went to parties, never mingled with people, never enjoyed your days, you were just working your a** off like a machine. You forgot the time, you forgot to keep a track on the hour’s hand. You and your laptop were a better combination but not the best!

You made a few mistakes in 2015, I hope you could roll back in time and correct them. You achieved many milestones, earned a hell lot of respect but you weren’t able to satisfy the burning desire in you, were you? You underestimated your capability when you were Eighteen, you underestimated yourself, you compared yourselves, hence you were always depressed. 

You concentrated on your career way too much, forgetting friends and a social life, you were always in your cubicle with an extravagant amount of gadgets nested. You chose the field because you never had an interest, you developed an interest in many things when you were pursuing your four-year course, and you experimented on them. You were too busy to get a good night’s sleep, you never saw positivity, people around you surrounded by sorrows and misery. You lifted yourselves up with your own willpower, you let the stars shine, you never gave up, situations were never easy on you, they demanded your patience, your hard work. You failed many times, you succeded too, but amidst of failures and successes, you learned a lot many life lessons.

There were times when stupid thoughts were engulfing your creativity and plethora of emotions which made you recapitulate your past, you were left in dilemma, you had no direction and no guidance, everyone around you were happy to their deepest core but you were lost, somewhere struck in your early teens, you always wished if you could relive your teen.

You were and always will be a person with a burning desire, a desire untold!

Lot’s of Love,
20-year-old you




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  1. An analysis before its too late to put the learnings in place for a better tomorrow but of course with many more learnings on the way. 🙂
    That’s convoluted but hope I don’t sound confusing.

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