Mineral Grey

Isn’t it tough to don a Suit, A suit which was supposed to be worn by someone special in your life,

You finally have the Courage to get it tailored for yourself,

This was exactly how it was supposed to be,

The responsibilities on his and my shoulder were similar,

To Lead, To Fight, And to Serve,

Till you find your loved ones happy,

As teardrops marched against my Will to Cry,

I was taken aback by the Strength of my Mind,

It turned out to be a Stone, Calculative,

As the Designer walked me through the process of lining the fabric for my bespoke requirement,

I was Lost,

I wish the situation hadn’t come to this,

This was His part of Life,

His favorite color that represented neutrality, “Mineral Grey”,

I did want to preserve it, Like they say, At some point of time in Life, You fit in your parent’s shoes,

As I donned the waistcoat, All the beautiful memories came to Life,

I could see everything happen before me again,

And finally, the day had come,

His first Watch, first-ever Blazer & Waistcoat,

It was surreal,

As I stood tall against all the hurdles,

As a crowded Auditorium cheered for Me, I knew he would be admiring this scene and taking tons of pictures from his Kodak Camera.

There was a part of me, which empathised with this Man of Culture,

The other part, well it was Him!


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