Yellow Slips and Success

In this present century that we're living in, requires planning a hell lot of planning and stepwise execution of the same. You might ask why? Well, I have a simple theory to present my point. Let's see two contrasting characters, person "A" who is a young billionaire and he made money with the skills he... Continue Reading →

To My Future Self

Dear 30-year-old Me, Your past was traumatizing and pretty much dark, you saw no sunshine, you never went to parties, never mingled with people, never enjoyed your days, you were just working your a** off like a machine. You forgot the time, you forgot to keep a track on the hour's hand. You and your... Continue Reading →

How AI, Machine Learning and Automation will Impact Business in 2018 and Beyond

*This post was guest-authored by Tara Callinan and Jenneva Vargas from Accelo* We are living in exciting and innovative times with futuristic technology literally at our fingertips. But for the longest time, small to medium sized businesses were not serviced by the latest tech trends enterprises have been able to benefit from. That is, until now.... Continue Reading →

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