The Concept Called “LOVE”

A feeling or an activity?

Something that motivates us or something that’s just a series of events?

Something that our soul enjoys or something that’s just a social show off?

Something that’s felt or something that demands a feeling?

Something precious or something that demands your precious ones?

A wall to protect or a property to demand a right on?

Something that demands presence or something that demands time?

A story to tell or a mistake to hide?

A forever precious love for someone or a bad experience to refer to?

Someone for whom your simple “Hi” matters a lot or someone to whom your hell lot of texts containing cheesy lines doesn’t matter at all?

Someone who respects your choice or Someone who forces you to choose? 

When you come home tired, someone who can just sit with you and have lots of talks which soothes your soul or someone with whom you find excuses to escape?

Someone who’s there for you during your worst and the best times or someone who is there during your best times?

Someone who helps you to gain a lot many skills or someone who’s just there to cheer you?


When you’re able to answer the above questions with utmost pure heart, then only will you know about the meaning of the most uncommon concept (Hard to find, impossible to forget) “Love”.


P.S.: I may not be right in a few cases but we’re just humans, we make mistakes and we learn. I hope you love my take on an entirely different genre that I’ve ever written on, defining true love (though never possible to). Thank you for reading!




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  1. Here again,reading your writing,I am dazzled and my speeches are mere conventional,that is unable to explicit the huge variety of emotions that this work proposes.Keep writing and keep blessing us with your marvellous resourcefulness.

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