It just became tiring,


A Blade across the throat,


A Rope,

I was falling out of options,

Was I falling apart?


Did I already?

I cannot nag,

I’d to remain shut,

The pressure was building,

It was overwhelming,

Too much ruckuss,

I had called it a quit quite a few times now,

I bleed from my eyes,

This smart machine had given up on itself now,

No longer functioning,

The brain behind all the lovely creations,

Was falling apart,

Did this become a place where I dump my dark thoughts,

It wasn’t like this earlier,

Blossoming love stories and 3-Liners,

Now stare each other in surprise,

And they say that I chose it.

Ah, A thousand shooting stars couldn’t make my wish come true,

It was too much to ask,

For a peaceful and stress-free life,

Wasn’t it?


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One thought on “Wish

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  1. The smart machine I know is never broken..it justs needs to update ans keep the internal parts same..No need look for thousand shooting stars just look for the new outlook. A poigant poem and well written bro✌


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