Dear Social Life of Mine

Dear Social Life of Mine,

I know you’ve ceased to exist,

But that’s the joy in writing a hypothetical letter to the Hypothetical “Me”,

We got issues to talk about,

We got real issues to discuss,

I know, I’ve been tough on you,

 But time always demanded this from me,

I completely blame myself for your non-existence,

But what else could I do???

I was tired & exhausted,

No one held my hand, No one lent a shoulder,

When I was suffering the most, 

I was like a service that everyone would enjoy & forget about,

Maybe this is what “Life” is all about, This is how things work,

I was weak, I just required a shoulder to lean on,

A person to say “I’m there for you”,

But I just got hatred from people, Was this because I was different?

Maybe people hate to see their peers excel,

I confined myself to my Workplace, my Room,

Did create events there that I would never forget,

That would be written on the pages with golden words,

I did fail you,

What else could this Introvert do?

Swerving my way through all the hardships, I arrive at my destination,

Just to realize that it’s just a temporary one,

Big things are awaiting my presence, Maybe I should leave,

Until the next Mandatory Social Gathering, Good Bye!

I’m unable to compute why “Being Social” is a big thing sometimes, I do initiate conversations with people, “Interesting ones” but people more likely end up asking “Personal things” rather than talking “Interesting things”. As far as I know, “Personal things” only help one to understand 1-2% about the person. Whereas meaningful conversations tend to give out a massive 30-40% about the person’s perspective on various things and issues. This is quite an underrated trait!

People tend to expect what they would expect from themselves, But is it practical to do so?



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11 thoughts on “Dear Social Life of Mine

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  1. It’s always good to make yourself a priority, even if that means not having a social life. I’m an introvert too, and I definitely prefer being alone than attending a social gathering.

    As far as interactions go, I prefer getting to know the person personally first and then discussing other interesting matters. This is because I can understand better why they feel that way about a particular topic. The past always effects a person’s opinions.

    Very well written, Kalyan. Keep up the good work! ☺️💛

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    1. Well, that’s the true definition of “Social” but the definition has changed overtime. With this blog I tried to convey how I don’t have a huge “Digital” Social Life. Though I maintain a small circle of True friends. Thank you for giving this a read.

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