Dear Insecurities.

Dear Insecurities of Mine,

I know, you exist to remind me something from the past,

I am well aware of how your existence is quite logical and profitable for me, But I’m tired,

I’m tired of hearing your name every time I try to do something unique,

I’m not scared any more, I don’t care about criticism anymore,

But wait, people love you more than I do,

And they love to step on you, Does that hurt you?

I know it does, and hence you try to play this “Chain Reaction” Game with me,

And you put that pain on Me,

I did bleed because of all the things that were shoved down on Me,

Not because I was weak, Because everyone wanted to test my patience,

And guess what, it did work, all the credit goes to you for making it work like never before!

Maybe I over-reacted or the situation demanded me to,

You know, it was never easy to deal with you,

When people tried to over-power Me and I gave my best performance,

You stood there, at the corner of the stage, giving me that wicked smile of yours,

I knew you would mess up things for Me, and still, have the same smile on your face,

And here I’m struggling my way through you,

Trying to get past this tough game that we both are playing,

“Life”, you answered in synchronization with Me,

And I understood that we both were on the same page,

Though on different paragraph’s,

But what matters is, we both were chapters of a Single book,

A book called “Success”!



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