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This blog of mine deals with the “Learnings”, that we cease to come across, the reason being we have personalized content, which makes it impossible for us to stumble upon new and innovative content from which we can gather a lot of information. Have a wonderful read on my take on various issues and situations.

Let us relive the Happy moments!!

The time we are born to the time we die, we hardly get 60-70 years to do some miracle, And we don’t just have to exist, we have to prove our existence to the remaining 7 billion people.

Kalyan is a budding author and a blogger who believes in deriving value from practical scenarios apart from his daily chores being a programmer. He loves to write fiction and is pretty good at writing short stories which depict the transition that takes place in the “Real” World. He conveys the importance of relationships and family in one’s life. He specializes in writing abstract short stories which trigger the underlying emotions and brings back the “soft” side of a person.

He loves to write his heart out and accepts criticism in a positive way, he loves it when his readers and fellow bloggers give him feedback about his content so that he can hit back again with a much better version.

Presently a Developer at an MNC, he dreams to become an Innovator who does hundreds of technical research projects which brings ease to humankind and a creative writer who writes non-fiction.

He belongs to the rarest combination, which is

Programmer + Researcher + Blogger + Psychology enthusiast + Author

Happy reading!



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  1. You have written amazing things. The last time I read your post was when you just started writing and I can see how beautifully you have grown and how beautifully your skills have improved. I wish you luck and I hope you keep writing such interesting things.

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