The Roar

Finding my way through the Jungle,

I landed among a herd of people,

With black circles around their eyes,

Their eye balls constantly glancing through different apps,

They were looking for something,

Something that they weren’t able to find on their device,

Something that would wake them up from their exhausted sleep overnight,

Something that required not only guts,

Something that required the tags to be thrown,

The tags that differentiated them,

Tags that disabled them morally,

Tags that categorized them,

Were they required?

Was it a necessity?

No one was born rich,

But we mold ourselves into one!

Not everything can be achieved over-night,

Success takes a lot of time,

How will they Understand,

They earn by making fun of others!

When they forget the GAP between CREATIVITY and HARASSMENT!

“The Roar” deals with how few MEME Makers target people (employees, students) and others from various backgrounds and earn by making fun of them, it’s sometimes good to find entertainment but are we aware of the depth of impact resulted by a single MEME?

I guess we aren’t!!!

Let me explain,

You see a Meme on the Internet and you can relate to it, so why does this happen? Most of the memes are created in such a manner that people would relate to it, rather I should say that memes are created from the general public talk and they are thrown back to people, so why wouldn’t you relate to it??

It’s common sense.

So, why do we search for something that makes fun of others? A simple answer to this is, we humans love to “React” and “Reactions” overflow when the joke isn’t on us, until and unless we are sportive enough (the scale of being sportive is subject to one’s seriousness towards life).

Meme’s do let give us a sense of relaxation but they sub-consciously change our Mindset and the way we interpret a situation. Well, let me put this with a case-study, Let’s take meme on a Software Engineer which are in constant circulation. They do narrate the negative side of their corporate role but fail to showcase the positive side of it. This is because the general talk at public places mostly is about how tough life is, and that’s what generally people rant about. And the meme-makers can only target this specific negative field, and people being people, just relate and find their s/w jobs more disturbing. This creates a negative area in a person’s mind about a job, there are lot many people who just get influenced by the content over the Internet.

To put it in simple words, let’s assume Person “A” is a mechanic and Person “B” is a Software Engineer, the mechanic gets to know about software engineer’s profession via memes which creates a negative impact of software engineer’s career on the mechanic’s brain, but to software engineer his job is quite interesting, but what is getting delivered to the mechanic because of memes is totally opposite!

So, what do we exactly need?

– More research on the content we see on the Internet.

– More awareness about things.

– More positive content.  



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17 thoughts on “The Roar

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  1. Very true, Kalyan.
    Memes are a means to bully others online. There are countless memes with photos of people, which have destroyed their lives.
    And the memes you wrote of, the ones that spread a lot of negative news, those can be stopped only once people read information from credible sources, or else research before forwarding the same meme around.
    Enjoyed reading the post! ☺️💛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s quite what I had to convey. You did it in simple words. Thank you! And yes, I’ve been working on a solution based on blockchain for the same. I hope it gets approval soon and fake news come to an end. Thank you so much for your continuous appreciation. It keeps me going. Keep reading!! 🙂


      1. I’m not from the software sector, so I researched about Blockchain just now. Very interesting concept.
        However, one question. Suppose you take your example of the software engineer, there could be multiple blockchains created by different people, who showcase their point of view. Correct? So in what way could this curb the meme issue?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You’re exploring things. That’s quite a good habit. Keep it up. I never believe in debates, let’s first share thoughts, we can debate on it later. 🙂


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