Let Me Photograph You?

Just like a full moon day,

Her face lit up,

I’ve been chasing the sun for quite a long time now,

I’m exhausted and tired,

Maybe I should have listened to you,

I should’ve taken a break,

I do understand now, I’m a grown-up person,

It’s the time when I prove myself,

The first time I received a job offer from an International Firm

She gave me a smile that did lit a thousand stars,

My world came to a stop,

I was extremely happy,

That day I had a constant smile on my face, for the first time since 7 long years,

I wish that day never came to an end,

Simple things gave her the most happiness,

Mom’s are special, they’re just unique and lovely,

The way they pour their love, never was I able to find where they store it,

That infinite source of “Love & Care”,

That sense of fulfilment when you reach home.

It’s just about the time when you understand that the gifts near the Christmas tree, were placed by your parents,

The tooth fairy was a myth, it was your dad who woke up at 3 am and managed to plant a gift beside you without disturbing you in your sound sleep,

They are Ninjas,

Who bring you happiness from various places you can’t even imagine, they are the one who fought dragons for you.

The sun was about to set,

I made a wish,

A wish that she never grows old and always stays happy,

And the day came to an end,

With the same wide smile, I went back to my bed.




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9 thoughts on “Let Me Photograph You?

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  1. Parents truly are angels. Their love can never be replaced. I love the poem/story. It brought a smile to my face, and memories of Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy. ☺️💛

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