The Chase

Running through the pages of his diary,

He finally found that one piece he wrote for her,

That one piece or write-up that energized his inner-self to go to the event,

He gathered all his courage and “the lost” self-confidence,

He suited himself up in his best attire,

This was the last time he was going to probably see her,

Everyone requested his presence at the ceremony,

But he could barely carry his heart along with his body,

“It’s mandatory Dad, you need to come, without you, the ceremony carries no meaning at all!” Exclaimed his daughter.

“I will come, give me some time” He responded and hung up the phone,

Banged the receiver on the table,

And took her favourite piece of clothing with him,

Wrapped it around his collar,

And set out for a long journey with his beloved wife,

His Love forever,

His Late Wife!

“The Chase” is all about the efforts that we do to keep people in our lives and to enjoy their presence throughout the time we exist. We do need to understand that our friends/family, are missed the most when they aren’t physically present among us anymore. We fail to understand a simple fact, “Everything is temporary, everything has an expiry date”. And hence, we expect our loved ones to be there at every single point of our life. This is quite normal to happen, but is the physical presence of the person mandatory?

We tend to forget the magic that we got in our voice, the sound is an extremely powerful tool, it can manipulate things to an extent and bring things together quickly, this happens because of fluctuations in the voice of an individual which in-turn gives out emotions. “The Chase” is all about chasing our loved ones throughout their journey, “Being there” for them and giving them assuring them that you would be there during their worst times and the best times too. People promise and they tend to forget, it’s quite natural and common, this happens as a result of emotional flux that runs through an individual at that particular point of time, resulting in promises which we fail to keep alive. So what’s the possible solution?

There’s a simple solution that we always fail to implement. Phone calls!!

Phone calls are a way in which one can connect to their loved ones and can listen to their voice, which has lot many emotions hidden in them, trying to find out a person before whom they can pour them out without any worries. Let’s just take some time for ourselves and compute the people we are chasing in this busy little world where people get lost and can never be found again. At least not in the same emotional state as they were before. 

Let’s just take some time to and give our best in developing those lost bonds!




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  1. Beautiful reminder, Kalyan. Loved the story in the beginning, it was very touching.
    I love your writing style and your choice of unique topics to speak on. Keeps the reader interested always. Keep it up! ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

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