Letter to My Loved Ones

Dear Loved Ones,

I know I’m not that expressive, I know I might lack emotions, I might not hug you when you leave. I might not cry, Because I know you will be my strength always. I may not be the “Ideal” friend that you ever dreamt about, I believe in flaws that make us beautiful. I always try not to forget events and dates, the first time I met you people, the first time we had food together. People promise that they would be your best friend forever and won’t leave you ever, but I won’t promise the same. Because I’ve already added a part of mine in your behaviour and attitude. You might act like me in a few situations unknowingly, maybe this is something I did with your sub-conscious mind that would remind you of me.

It is because only a few people are able to enter “My Part of Life” without much turbulence. We all have faced up’s and down’s in our life at different levels, we all might have cried over situations but now on, just remind yourself that the “Contacts” application in your smartphone is for a purpose. We might not talk for months of years straight, but whenever we would, we will just remember the silly times and funny stories that we created together.

It’s quite understandable that we aren’t superheroes to cross miles just to console each other, but we are capable enough to give “Little” surprises. A text or a video call. We might not understand the silence of one another, as we would have grown up and our definition for “being sad” may change. But, we are well aware of how distinctively our brain processes things, and how easily we could get impossible to be possible.

I never want this letter to come to an End because I just want you to keep on reading it on a loop and understand what you mean to me. Well, that’s all I got to say before we part our ways in professional lives but merge our personal lives.

“Life is just an unpredictable game, Not everyone lasts forever, But I will definitely be there, just a call away, as you know I never broke my promise and never will, the four from F.Four”.

Kalyan Parimi




14 thoughts on “Letter to My Loved Ones

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  1. Most beautifully written🌷yeah.life is unpredictable game.live in present to enjoy and don’t think about tomorrow .nobody knows tomorrow.only truth is that day called by the name” today.”❤

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