SAD-Social Anxiety Disorder

He always locked himself up with a group of few people,

Didn’t let his emotions out,

He was always reserved,

People would consider him strange and lonely,

He was stone-faced,

Nothing could really make him cry,

He was just way too bad at PDA’s (Personal Display of Affection)

He developed a corner for himself,

He tried to put his fear into words,

He did start penning his thoughts,

He is an author now, He still hides everything from the world,

It’s just his room that shows his achievements.

He motivates himself for new challenges,

It was always him celebrating his success in his room,

Dancing to the tunes.

SAD, better known as Social Anxiety Disorder is a real thing, It does engulf an individual into nothingness. It’s not quite easy for an individual to get out of this, imagination has no bounds, and so does SAD. It creates a canvas around an individual with a sketch of hundreds of eyes looking at him. This creates a claustrophobic type of feeling in the person’s brain which makes him/her hate public places.

Very few people try to empathize with a person suffering from SAD, most of them don’t realize and aren’t aware of this particular disorder and hence fail to interpret the person’s thoughts, and hence categorize the individual into “Weird”, “Socially Awkward” and what not!

So what has to be done?

  • Just make the individual with this disorder feel comfortable.
  • Don’t jump upon with hundreds of people just to console him,
  • They learn with time, Don’t frame situations that would embarrass them.

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    1. These days lots of people like you who are more knowledgeable mature and more expressive artd more accomplished beyond their years than we were! Learning knows no boundaries!

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