Stories that I can’t Explain

“It’s a bedtime story dad” She demanded

How could he say “No” to his daughter,

With a heavy heart,

He let his emotions out,

Narrated her, his favourite story,

Story of his Life,

“The way he used to find joy in little things,

He did jump various jobs from a freelance writer to a software engineer,

His CV was filled with all the experiences which would qualify him for any job,

Maybe that’s what he found joy in,

Doing everything and experiencing everything,

He never said “NO” to any opportunity, 

Neither did he fall short before people who criticized him,

He just believed in achieving short goals,

And getting geared up for the next roller-coaster ride,

Life was all about “Work” for him,

Maybe that’s what kept him going”

His daughter stopped him in between the story and asked,

“What is he doing now, dad?”

“Finding a new goal to achieve” Her dad replied. 

The human race has definitely evolved and is progressing a lot. But the question that always bugs me is “Why should one limit oneself to a specific field? Why don’t they get enough time to practise their hobby? Why aren’t creative ideas even brought to light?”

I know that all creative ideas aren’t good enough to be implemented but they can be actually derived back to reality if worked upon by giving some man hours into it. And yes, People who multitask, or at least are qualified in multiple areas are generally classified as “Incompetent/Not perfect in one field”, which is total bullshit according to me. People who tend to work in different areas actually are more creative and also have the ability to merge ideas of one field into another hence creating a unique product altogether.

Sometimes, it’s just about a question that we have to ask ourselves when we grow old when we would be in our Fifties or sixties when we would look back in our life to just see a streamlined career or turbulence full of achievements and experiences.

Don’t you think we need a story to tell when we grow old?



4 thoughts on “Stories that I can’t Explain

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    1. Your story will be next level exciting. I can guarantee that, with all the skills you possess and your imagination which is quite funny yet serious at the same time. And I would love to listen to that story someday.


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