The Last Cup of Tea

Dear Dad,

I know you would be reading this, I know that I have changed a lot, from a boy who didn’t know what responsibilities are to a person who now takes care of the family. I know that I can’t match your level of precision in taking care of the family. But somewhere you made me learn “The right way to live Life”.

Things have changed, now you can no more bribe me with the remote control cars, or hot wheels, no more can you bribe me with an airsoft gun. Do you remember how you used to take me to long rides, the same circular path, again and again, even though you had night shift to go to? Do you remember how you first made me learn to pedal and told me that you will hold the seat? But there you betrayed me. I was pedalling the cycle joyfully with a strong belief that if I fall, you would be there to hold me, but when I turned back you were at the diametrically opposite part of the circular track. I was scared, I was shaking, but I wanted everyone to watch me pass by my Dad cycling at a much higher speed and the proud smile on his face with a little fear. You used to run behind me throughout the circular track to ensure my safety. I saw you run in those slippers on the track, I now know the pain of yours, which you hid from me because now I have grown up.

“With age comes responsibility, and you need to learn how to take care of your family members, never fight with your mom or brother, they are the ones who will take care of you, never fight with any stranger because issues can be solved over talks and not with fights.” This is what you always instructed me.

I now pre-see things and their outcomes just like you did, everyone finds me a photocopy of you, and I still smile back whenever someone says that. You always believed in me and when you saw my Class 10 marks, you jumped with joy. I now know why you did, you recognized my hard work, not my marks. I got less time to showcase you my skills Dad, I wish I would have got more time. Since then, I started working so hard, I became a near-to-perfect person who is loved the most by people of every age group because of etiquettes and hard work with dedication.

And yes, this father’s day, I wish I could gift you a spaceship, I wish you could come back because I see people and sometimes get jealous. You are one of the strongest men I ever met in this world, On your footsteps will I walk, Will meet you one day, this time place will be yours, but meeting time I will decide.


Lot’s of Love,

Your Dearest Son.



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  1. supposed his expectations have become your very own expectations… Well to do is better than perfection, because no human can maintain perfect… But the ideal of perfect, makes us batter and bruise ourselves. Be at peace my friend…thanks for sharing… you have a brilliant mind and showcases itself through the written word

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