Beyond the Mundane Glance-Psychology Unfolded

Dearest readers,

There are some posts in the world that leave you puzzled, and out of words as well as out of breath in happiness. But sometimes, in my sense, it is good to be incessantly jubilant.

Readers are the main backbone of a writer, the inspiration that is their light in the grimmest hours. You all selflessly support us and help us to blossom into an individual we could be proud of.

This is the time we gift you with something that is crafted with intricate details, and a book you could cherish all your lifetime. We are incredibly happy to announce that our book “Beyond the mundane glance” is out now on Amazon worldwide.

After months of tireless working, staying up all night, pushing our limits, everything only for your beautiful readers, who has been the main reason we write, the reason we could dream and fly to a better tomorrow.

The fear associated with a book based on psychology is that the complexity and difficulty. Let’s break the conventional idea of a psychology book and indulge in a book that is an amalgamation of succinct and brief chapters with real life scenarios attached to it.

Readers, this is our eulogy and a small gift from us to our lifelines, our readers.

In my sense, it is always freighting to try something new, but to be fearful of the consequences is not what we should think.

If you have an army behind you, what should we fear, you are our army, the reason nothing could fear us.

With love,


Kalyan Parimi (

Sayani Kundu (

The link of the book is given below.

Happy reading everyone!



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