The Night I Danced

Not so easy, Not so tough,

Not so beautiful, Not so ugly,

I woke up, this time in a new world,

A world that I always dreamt about,

Not so flawless but so gorgeous, I was with her,

The “Her” who made me complete, the “Her” who understood me,

She was just beautiful, Not the one whom I would compare with anyone,

Because she stood the prettiest to me,

I looked her into her eyes, Her eyes narrated a story,

A never-ending one,  one which took me away from my world,

It was not the usual night that I was habituated for,

She beside me,

I lay there, this time I wasn’t able to sleep,

I was nervous, this was my first time I was beside her,

I never saw humans till now, how they look or how they talk,

But when the nurse asked me “Tell me who’s your mumma?”

I remember I pointed towards a Goddess,

The one who gave me birth,

The one who loves me the most,

The one who always makes it to the top of my log list each day…

I bet no one could beat her in understanding me,

She saw me fail, she saw me succeed during the toughest times,

Here do I bow before her, as always,

This time I lay my Bulletproof vest before her,

For now, I quit for her,

So that I can protect her forever,

That night I danced…

That night I danced……….





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