This is the best topic ever I could find for my new article since I experience this everyday, so i feel that i should convey you all readers a message about how education system should be and how it is.

First of all EDUCATION means not only studies, but it is the way how we behave with our fellow age groups or family or elders. You can be a topper, a 10 pointer but how much do you respect your friends or family is what makes you educated not the grades you got by memorizing some formula’s which you won’t apply in your whole life.

Indian education system = X+Y+Z

X= (6-10) hrs of memorizing theories that have been discovered, applied and rejected.

Y=(2-3) hrs of assignment work/homework copied from friend’s notebook which was copied by him from Wikipedia and which was wrote by a scientist…indirectly we are copying a complex answer which we wont even understand.

Z= the remaining time we waste in non-productive work

We have so-called RULES & REGULATIONS which make us sit in  class for 6 hrs to learn something we are not interested and we do that just to pass the present semester and after that we never ever apply those things taught the whole life.

We aren’t allowed to think out of the box as they fear if we do so we may commit some mistakes but we have to admit and accept that we learn from our mistakes. The basic problem with education system is that they emphasize us on learning technologies which are already eradicated from education systems long ago but they keep us make learn them saying we need to make roots perfect but how can they not water plants ( I mean to say nourish minds ).

Lemme take an example, suppose you are a programmer so you need to learn the basics first like C,C++ but why to learn these programming languages on editors like TURBO-C or so when we have much more brilliant engines available, the time we step outside our institution we may find that the tools that are used by companies are totally different from what we used, so we are burdening ourselves by using outdated technologies.

Suppose you are working on DBMS using MYSQLPLUS OR MySQL editor but when there are software’s like MySQL WORKBENCH which increase the efficiency of programmer and reduce the work and hence increases productivity… Our education system never gets upgraded and updated because of two important factors ;

  1. Lack of technology / Lack of money allocated to educational firms
  2.  If Education system is upgraded then professors/teachers need to be updated and we have to accept that nearly 65% of our faculty are senior citizens who lack knowledge in technical things.

Our education system needs to understand that brain needs to be updated not re-booted with things that are as useless as a walking stick to a new-born baby.

I saw many positive and effective changes in education system these years but are these well enough ??

Job and income are not everything but the craving for knowledge is.

Exploration is more important than walking on the pre-decided paths in which we know the outcomes for each and every move. Open schooling must be promoted as we see our education system just going as a business for firms who set up schools and colleges just to earn their luxuries NOT  their daily bread !!

LET’S HOPE OUR EDUCATION SYSTEMS RECOVERS SOON !Image result for indian education systemImage result for indian education system





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