Dear Goals

Dear Goals,


As I pen all my wants into you, Disguising you as something that I would love to follow,

I failed, Miserably, It’s not because I didn’t want to follow you,

Like, Everyone, I don’t want to blame it on the situation,

I won’t put a false allegation on this society like everyone else!

This time, like always, let me be truthful to you, Let me open myself to you,


YES, you heard it right,

Tired of following the glittery & shimmery side of yours,

Promising me thousands of different dreams,

Fueling my desires,

You stood there, laughing at Me as I achieved milestones,

I never understood why you laughed at it,

I was furious,

Why shouldn’t I be?

When My ultimate goal was to achieve everything that was in your dear damn basket,

Did I fail? or Did I achieve you?

I was confused, Why won’t I be?

You weren’t laughing at me, you were laughing at my Non-Existent Life,

Where dopamine for others were party treats,

For me, it was just never-ending Achievements and Golden Plates with my name engraved on them,

Yes, I failed,

I would love to Quit and lead a Life,

But how can I?

I am accustomed to this, This never Ending saga,

A Loop, Which fails to depict an exit condition,

I am more than just tired,

I tried to call it a quit several times,

Now, I am here, At the Crossroads,

I chose what the weak would, But I was left with no other option,

It’s tough to call a Quit when you are the person who stood as an example for many,

But this is how it has to end, This is how it was destined to be,

Maybe, I had to lose this long destined fight,

Well, I would just wait for it to come, To cross my path soon!


Your’s Truly,

A Person who never gave up!


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6 thoughts on “Dear Goals

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  1. A self confession of a guilty heart I read in these verses. Sometimes it takes years of turmoil to get to that sliver ray of success. All the best kiddo. Keep blogging and keep inspiring ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. You’re the one who is an Inspiration for me. I recall you anytime I feel like giving up! Your journey till yet has left a profound impact on me, like a mentor do. May your tough efforts leave everyone inspired. Thank you kalyan for all you have become ๐Ÿ™‚

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