Second Chances

It was a car accident and multiple vehicles were involved in the accident,

I am not aware of the number of casualties, Sir. Stated the Rescue team.

Bodies were in unidentifiable condition, personal belongings were separated,

How else could he recognize her?

It has been 6 years dad, you have to stop searching for mom. His son stated seeing his dad hold a list mom made years back.

It had all the places they visited when she was pregnant with him.

The list had beautiful places listed,

From France to Germany to New-York, every beautiful place was on her Radar,

It was her dream to visit places that would give her sense of fullfilment,

But there was one place that she never visited because she was diagnosed with lung-cancer,

It was an old pizza house, established in the seventies,

With open area which would connect it with the hush of the city-street,

His dad set his mission that day while holding her favorite thing, her list,

To travel every country on the list that she wasn’t able to visit,

Because he had to set a new journey from the place where she left him.

We’ll have been there, at some point of time in our life, where we search for an alternative to release ourselves from the captivity of stress and frustration caused because of the emotional gap from loved ones not present physically with us. What we tend to forget is “TO TALK”!

Yes, most of us unknowingly commit this mistake and repeat it on loop sometimes, i.e. we forget to talk things out, it just takes 5-10 minutes to convey things to our loved ones over phone whereas social media takes 30-40 minutes, and the texts go in vain. Nothing productive can be incurred from the texts. Whereas on a call, we can observe the fluctuation in the tone of the opposite person and we can connect with them on the same note thus resulting in a better and pleasing conversation.

We all do get second chances in our respective lives, but we fail to recognize and act on them, this hence leads to the creation of a barrier between us and our loved ones. The time which passes has a direct-proportionality type of relationship with the barrier existing between two individuals.

So, each one of us got a second chance, don’t waste it by reminding yourselves about your tough times, just go to your loved ones, give them a hug and cry maybe?, This time let the soul unite, not just the tears!


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