Depression among Students-A Case Study

Let's just understand and accept the fact that more and more students are getting depressed because of the present scenarios in the system, let's just give ourselves time and come up with an excellent idea where students at least undergo Recreation or are given some time for themselves and their loved ones, well the point is when you have a heavy load laden over your back, you don't sit with it!!! You just drop it at its place and then you take a deep breath!

The Outrage

"Slam a Code of misconduct" The so-called management officer ordered, "But, I have clarification, and you know it's not my mistake" the student replied "I know it's not your mistake but still, I have to support the illogical decisions made by the faculty who made a complaint about you" he replied. Illogical, Egoist, High self-confidence,... Continue Reading →

Let’s take a Leap !

Whenever i undergo few situations, the inner me screams " Let's take a leap!!!". Living in this petty-minded, Egoistic,narrow-minded society which lacks pragmatism. Let me introduce you to a world where we have more misunderstanding's than those "s" and "I" in misunderstandings, Lack of Valuable Education:  I believe that education system should change according to... Continue Reading →

The Project

Maybe you are thinking that again I am gonna talk about technical stuff and share my technical knowledge and indulge in that never-ending conversation full of technical words BUT NO..  This time I want to drag your attention towards EDUCATION which plays a key role in one's life,.. so if i ask you a question "what... Continue Reading →

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