The Open Mouths

They never approved,

They never denied,

They were just OPEN,

To criticize,

They questioned,

But left unanswered,

They stated,

But never proved,

They doubted,

But never assisted,

They always had sympathy,

But never showed empathy,

They always questioned, “Why don’t you spend time with others?”

I never answered,

Little do they know about “introvert”,

Little did they know about my observation,

Why shall I listen to them,

Talking to strangers isn’t my thing,

But commenting on others is yours!!

The open mouths gave many declarative statements,

But only a few guarded them,

Are we losing our so-called skill – “observation”,

Or are we merely depending on “The Open Mouths”??


“When you give up being yourself and try to listen to the open mouths, you are the one who is losing your own significance, Be yourself, stop listening to the open mouths and start exploring by yourself.”



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