The Coffee Date-2

Her way of work was state of art kinda thing for all her competitors,

None approached her, she was smart enough to foil the first move made by any guy,

How could he forget that day, when he had a coffee with her,

When he foiled her first move, her expression was priceless,

Her eyes demanded an answer to “how he did that”,

It was more of a puzzle to her, this time she was trying to solve his past,

She was lost in her own world for a few weeks,

Trying to put all the pieces together to know more about him,

He received a call,

“Can we go on one more date? Don’t say no, If you do, I’m gonna stab you to death” She requested (Not exactly a request)

“That’s some “Serious Love” there, I understand, you want yourself to be the last person I see, and the first person I would see when I wake up in the hospital, that’s true love” He replied

“There you go, you will never leave an opportunity to flirt!” She responded

“Place you decide, And time, I would” He responded with a smile

The way she walked down the street, He could listen to her steps, this time she managed to wear shoes, He still remembers how she broke her heels while walking by his side at an inhumane speed.

He knew her possible routine and ordered a green tea for her,

“How do you know that I would order a green tea today?” She questioned

“Possibly because you missed the gym, you were stuck in your thoughts lately” He replied

“That’s a pretty wild guess, Mister” She responded while taking a sip of tea

“It isn’t, a person with a lot many questions wouldn’t jump on to tea without asking, and you did, that points to you being hungry, which will not definitely happen if you had your post-workout meal” He replied

“So your past is something I would  know about, Can you share?” She quickly moved her cup aside.

“Well, everyone has a past, I too had one, a rough one, and a rogue one too, I failed quite a lot of times and whenever I faced a failure, I promised myself two Successes against one failure,” He responded while looking at the clock.

“Don’t worry, I won’t take much of your time, can you tell me more about it?” She added

“It’s not about you taking my time, but it’s about the 4 minutes that I lost the count on while having a talk with you, which never happened to me. Our brains are one “Jumpy” creatures who cease to exist at one place, they continuously jump around in random thoughts making us unproductive, though it keeps us away from mental pressure” He answered her while signalling the waiter for the check.

“I wonder, so shall we continue about your story until the next date?” She asked with a wide smile on her face.

“Guess what? The next time I would love to know your story and the Leather jacket that you carry, abandoned in the trunk of your car!” 

He replied while gearing up to go out, She was astonished as he gave her a new puzzle to solve.

“I wonder how it would be if I spent a whole day with you” She added

“If 24 hours were enough!” He replied


P.S: Sequel to “The Coffee Date”


We all meet quite a lot of people throughout out lifetime, but we fail to notice the “good” in them and compliment them for the same, rather we criticize first and then show sympathy and use “Sorry”. We should try to recognize the beauty a person holds within himself/herself.

If you read the above blog, you might have noticed how the girl manages to pick delicate details about the boy, and the boy does the same. This actually shows how aware they are about each other, hence they can in a way see their future together. Unfortunately, many among us are just satisfied with “Pretty gifts and Love that’s shown towards us”.

I hope it was quite a fun reading the blog, and there’s a hidden element in this blog which would be my topic for the next blog. All the best for uncovering that one “Hint” that I dropped.

Thank you for your support for the fictional series that I published and do let me know about your thoughts on the new logo that I designed for my blog in the comments section.

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