A Sugar Coated Lie

He was told that things would change,
Things take time to get better,
He pursued what he never dreamt about,
He sacrificed his dream against money,
He ended up being a machine, the human part went missing!

She ended up failing many relationships,
They considered her as an outlier,
Only a few understood her smartness and capability,
The few who were mature!

“What do you think you are?”
“Do you know where you stand in comparison with me?”
His professor asked
“I don’t compare myself with anyone
And that’s why I am still a student, I learn” He replied.

She was shown a dream of a perfect world,
Flawless and Beautiful,
Until she had a taste of the real world,
Which was different from the world shown to her,
Lies were told, dreams got shattered!


Some might argue and some might agree when I say this world exists because of “Lies”. The impact of a “Lie” depends on the way it is served to the person, though there are several different ways, the most preferred way being “The Sugar Coated Lie”.

The above short stories depict how an individual encounters various situations and understands how the world works. Not everything that we see is Real, and you can neither deny the fact that there exists truth among these lies. What do I mean by that?

It’s simple, Let me take an example and put it in a simple manner, parents dream a beautiful world for their kids, but they are aware of the truth, the truth about how harsh and how much negativity the world contains. Hence, they create a flawless and beautiful world for their kids by framing lies which no longer seem to be a lie for kids until they step in the real world.

This can actually be put as a Psychological barrier that a parent creates for the kid to learn good things. It is much required as we are well aware of how kids, when they grow up have a tendency of inclination towards crime if their childhood had a disturbing history (containing violence). But, at a point of time (when the child is mature enough), the barrier has to be broken by parent’s themselves to let the child know. But parents being parents, try to extend the barrier instead of breaking it. This creates an invisible zone around the “now adult”.

Now, let’s move to the other short story which narrates about “Love” these days. Let us first understand the “Give and take” Concept these days. Because calling it a “Business” sounds “rude”. Let’s not target teenagers, because love has got’em all πŸ˜‚

Humans never had bounds on their “Expectations”, and when it’s a human in the court, you can never expect the expectations to go low-key. Let me take an example, you fell in love after you understood a person, but the factor that generates a greater and dense impact being “How much did you understand the opposite person?”. We fail to understand “What are our needs or wants” from the person we desire to fall in love with. This is because we fail to understand ourselves and we prioritize “Soulmate” over “Goals/aim”.

We all dream of a flawless and perfect world, but if it was present, we never had to do the level of hard work that we were and we are presently doing. Let’s just understand this concept and apply it for a better future.

With this blog (being my 116th blog), I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you who have supported me throughout my journey of Blogging on various social topics for 2 years (this blog is now 2 years old).Β 

P.S: Do comment your take on this concept below!!




19 thoughts on “A Sugar Coated Lie

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  1. First of all,I wanted to a pay a hearty congratulations on completing 2 years of WordPress,it must have been a wonderful journey for both your readers and you.Readers,being gifted with such unparalleled writing,ranging from psychology to fiction.
    It’s a pragmatic way of putting your point and interpreting to your audience the necessity to sometimes let your child grow out of that illusion,and parents must be the one to do it. It made me contemplate a lot,Thanks for writing this.

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  2. Flawless and perfection does not exist. You need to make that perfect which comes to you – easier said than done though. As for lies, it’s relative. That lie which does good and harms no one is perhaps good. And maybe using the term illusion would be better than lies. In that sense, everything is nothing but illusion, for that matter our very existence.

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