Change Is All We Need!

Well, before I take you to the mysterious journey where you find hundreds and thousands of loop holes present in the Education system(in India) followed by the mindset of students in this so-called Education system.. let me ask you a simple question, Why should everyone study/learn the same subject?

We have an education system that doesn’t need updations, it rather requires a new start, and by new start, I mean the education system has to be redesigned to meet the need of the present generation in such a way that even in future the present generation would not be outdated!.

So let me quickly take you through few wonderful loop holes(*sarcasm at its peak) of our education system,

  1. Student getting forced to write notes on a subject which he has already been provided with required material, with this I mean, suppose a student has been given a presentation to learn from, still, if the education system demands him/her to write the same on a paper, its mere waste of time for the student. Because, education system thinks that writing, again and again, will help the student to remember the concept and he can vomit the same on the exam paper,                             But is it important to memorize or to understand ??
  2. Exposure is what our education system doesn’t like to give, limited resources are other reasons for limited knowledge. Well, there’s a lock that institutions keep on resources, to access those resources students have to pay for it, hence institutions cross checks that it is not violating business rules(yeah, providing education is a business to them) (*sarcasm again)… Well, they already tried to remove the fee on primary educations(here I am talking about government based organizations, not the private ones).
  3. The same old tedious, monotonous, outdated subjects. I understand how important basics are for a student but let me explain to you how it works,

Present Education System:


Proposed Education System:


Moreover, nowadays the term “education” doesn’t only mean some sort of math and science that one has to solve/study, now that term means improvising Morales, manners, etiquette’s into an individual.

The upcoming generations need to be taught about patience, rather than teaching them science and math which will make them much more vulnerable to frustration hence risking the future of one.

Let me explain you a situation, There’s a college(affiliated under a renowned university), I would rather prefer not to take the name of. That college came with an idea of seizing the communication between the student in the college and the rest of the world, Well, you heard it right, you can replace the word “seizing” with “blocking”, “stopping”, “obstructing”,”restricting” and so on. We call ourselves a digitized generation where we are restricted to use smartphones or tabs in college, those smartphones and tabs may help some student GOOGLE the terms he isn’t understanding in the lectures given to him, maybe the professor doesn’t have that much knowledge the student expects him to have, so he has no other option than GOOGLE, but wait, GOOGLE is somewhere kept in Head of Department’s cabin, in a dark room(which carries 60 corpses(I mean smartphones, 60 here indicates the number of students)). 

I understand that sometimes it’s necessary to take a decision but however, an individual should be left alone to take a decision for himself, rather than imposing and striking a decision on him.

We still have many doors left open,

  1. Let the student decide his/her subject of interest!
  2. Let him explore.(We have hundreds and thousands of websites to do so)
  3. Let him realize his mistakes rather than you pointing it out and slashing him, one can only learn when he/she does a mistake.
  4. Create an interest in them. An interest that makes them invent stuff rather than discovering one!

Well, if every educational institute follows these 4 points, then only can an institution promise 0% jobless engineer’s :p :p 






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