Does Success really Count?

And here I was, Celebrating my achievements,  In the "Hall of Fame", With all my memento's hooked to a wall, I stood staring at them, And did count the number of times I had to say "No" to my loved ones, I did hate it, But there was no way out! They said "College life... Continue Reading →

Script – A Writer in making

Let me tell you a story, not so happening but a story which will give you a lot of learning, It all initiated with me seated on a pavement near the parking space, Counselling a stranger on how "tough situations turn one into a better person", "Quite strange to hear intellectual lectures from a stranger!"... Continue Reading →

Yeh Shehar Apna Apna Sa Nahi Lagta

Dear Readers, I've never posted something in Hindi till now. I just let these musings of mine stay in my diary and they never saw this world. Presenting one such creation of mine over here voiced by Hope you like it, Find the Soundcloud link below;   P.S: For my international readers, I would... Continue Reading →

A Complex Algorithm-2

Well, let's recollect the first part of the complex algorithm! Complex ˈkɒmplɛks/ adjective adjective: complex 1. consisting of many different and connected parts. "a complex network of water channels" synonyms: compound, composite, compounded, multiplex "a complex structure" not easy to analyse or understand; complicated or intricate. So, is life really so complex and difficult to understand? Well, there's no perfect... Continue Reading →

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