Dear Failures

Dear Failures,

The time has arrived, we got to talk about a lot of things, Things that we failed to cover during that midnight rant!

Thousands of self aware sessions with you, multiple milestones, hell lot of targets,

We ended up hating each other, didn’t we?

Little did I know that you had such a dramatically unique influence on me than anyone else out there,

I stopped counting the sleepless nights, I made sure that sleep would always be a luxury to me,

When people were having their peaceful sleep time, I was always surrounded by you, fearing you, drawing thousands of hypothetical conclusions alongside the dark assumptions,

You did push me to achieve and taste all those success’s which I made a list on,

But now, striking off all of them from my list, I don’t fear you anymore,

But I do fear that you don’t have any sort of influence on Me!

As people concluded and clapped, I was there, standing at the podium,

Delivering my speech,

For a hundredth time, I was still amused to see you seated in the front row,

Awaiting for me to count on you and acknowledge your role in my Life,

But this time, I was tired,

I gave up this time, Way too tired to bring back all those memories,

What would I do? Probably feel bad, sleep for less hours and be productive for few more hours,

Exhaust myself over and over again until my brain gives up on me,

This is what it had come to, now,

Where I hung a reward for myself for ever single achievement I conquered,

But the reward just had the briefing for the upcoming goal that had to be achieved,

I wasn’t trying to blame you for it, Probably I did overthink about being a failure forever,

And here I end up, thinking like a 40 year old, while being a 23 year old,

Did I overdo it?

Or did you succeed in what you do the best?

Fearing people with those 7 scary alphabets in you!!!


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  1. Your overdid this one bro… Amazing take. Hope you find the peace to sleep. Keep going and thx for reminding without failure trap we will get nothing done and sometimes it’s that painful needle in the ass to keep us always on the run.


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