He woke up early morning that day, dressed up in a formal attire he had his breakfast, his mom kissed him on his forehead and wished him all the best. He was going to attend an interview which he dreamt of since his childhood. He was very happy and excited that day..

He made a ring to his mom and in a fully excited tone he told his mom about his selection in his dream job, his mom was soo glad to listen that, she jumped with joy, tears came from her eye’s..sliding down the cheeks, touching those lips which still had the touch of her son’s forehead slowly fell down her chin…

He planned a big grand fest at home so as to surprise his mom he went and bought all those things his mom always dreamt of…happily returning home he received another call, after attending that call he rushed back to the florist’s place and bought expensive flowers out of the most expensive one…..

He went to his mom touched her feet, took her blessings and went to his dad to have a talk, little did he know that his dad was present in a 1 X 1 feet frame, speechless seeing his son’s achievement, he gave him the same expression he was giving since 4 years, but everyday it was he who found the difference in his father’s expression and whenever asked he said ” i see my father in a new look everyday, he is still the same in a different way”

His mom eagerly waiting for him with cake piece in her hand, and as he rushed to the front room, the room lit up with reflection of light from the tear drops in his mom’s eye, her son proved himself in every part of life .

The next day, he went to meet his few friends he had, few because he was soft-spoken and was way too shy than other people of his age,… he spent a day with his true friends who were very happy to see him happy for his achievement…

Sun rose again, it was the same place, but the only difference was windows and doors still locked, curtains weren’t rolled out, newspaper was lying outside intact, he came back…unlocked the door, now he saw 2 frames before him,….he went to the coffee shop he would meet his friends, chairs and tables were the same and so was the coffee but the only thing that changes was…now there was no one with him to share his feelings,…

He thought life was all about spending time with best people possible, but now he knew that everything is temporary and can never ever become permanent…Now everyday he sees his parents together at least and feels happy about it.




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