She flaunted her hair like she used to do every time and like always he fell in love with her again and again as it was a loop, somewhere between “you are my addiction” and “I love you” he lost his words. She used to notice him seeing her, but never noticed him checking her out like the rest did, she used to love the way he used to look at her, from corner of his eye he used to see her, gave a smile and his cheeks turned red, she started blushing because both the eyes synchronized perfectly as they saw each other. Yep, it was the time they came for their kid’s parent-teacher meeting. 

10 years ago…… 

It was sunday, early morning she woke up with the sound that she was in love with… Sound of bullet on the opposite side, she jumped off her bed and went running to bid him goodbye, the only thing that separated both of them was a wall between girl’s PGA hostel and boy’s hostel…. 

She took skipped her work hours sometimes to just see him go, each and every friend of her asked her to propose him,  but she waited…. As usual for a girl who came from a well-behaved and strict family, she had to be careful because there wasn’t anyone guarding her back, her parents died in an accident, leaving her alone for entire life, but she was not only beautiful but pretty also. Her soul was pure, innocent and she was honest, she was totally different from others, she demanded love rather than money, because she lacked it the most. She was always happy no matter what the conditions were.. 

Tired she came from her office, maybe she was too much exhausted staring him through the corner of her eye. As she planned each day she did continuous rehearsals to propose him, she knew he was like a nut, hard to break, but soft from inside. She always enjoyed his presence no matter how his behavior was, he never used to smile,not even an inch of emotion did anyone see on his face, strong and bold look was always on his face. She used to imagine him how he looked when he smiles…. 

That day she didn’t hear that lovely sound she used to hear, her impatient soul couldn’t resist, dressed up, she sprinted through stairs and asked the security about room no: 25, security gave her confirmation that “he left the hostel for few days  because of family emergency”, she was sad and felt very bad. Then after each day went before her eyes like a video which was playing at 1X speed, maybe it was the end of her one-sided love, wait, maybe it’s just a beginning!!!! 

It was sunday, 14 feb…. He returned with newspaper wrapped frames, she thought he might have shifted, colleagues gave him that boost he needed to come and do his work, he lost his mom, still he had the same expressionless face, no emotions, he lost confidence somewhere, she couldn’t see him every day in that mental health condition, she confronted him that day while he was leaving and as usual she messed up with her rehearsals, she exclaimed “I love you and i see you every day since past few years “… Quite astonished seeing her confidence he asked her ” since how many years, shonali?  “… 

Shocked to hear her name from his side.. She asked ” how do you know my name?  “…. He answered” I can look through people although you were just looking from corner of your eye”… The day she was waiting for came, she held him tightly and gave kisses on his cheek, forehead and tightly hugged him like a wet shirt does. He didn’t expect soo much of love from her side but yes she meant everything to him now onwards. 

That day onwards perfect strangers became perfect couple, like others did, they didn’t need any reason to hug and kiss each other. Unlike others they never did PDA (public display of affection) because they never had to, grabbed each other closer when they felt like. Shonali was a beautiful soul, no one could ever match her beauty. She fell for a person who was much more a quite yet he used to communicate everything with her by just using her eyes. 

11 Jan 2017

The day arrived, they both were getting married and they were much more happy than those 4 to 5 people who attended their wedding, society always had hatred on those people who think apart from regular stream. He drove her to his home on the same bullet that day, her dreams came true, she got the man she always dreamt of. They happily flew to their dream place, SRI -LANKA. 

No one ever saw them again, maybe they wanted to keep themselves away from this society for their good, I hope that those two souls live happily forever and ever again.




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