The Project

Maybe you are thinking that again I am gonna talk about technical stuff and share my technical knowledge and indulge in that never-ending conversation full of technical words BUT NO.. 

This time I want to drag your attention towards EDUCATION which plays a key role in one’s life,.. so if i ask you a question “what is education?” ..what will be your reply..

Nearly more than half of you people might say ” education is a process in which we gain knowledge and information about various things..” but NO this isn’t the perfect answer I am looking for… EDUCATION is like a pot, you have to put everything in it, starting from knowledge that we gather from university to atticates we learn from our family..

Let me take an example, suppose our faculty is teaching us a new topic but we engineer’s are as usual bored and sleepy listening to faculty’s class, so two things are gonna happen…

  1. Either we sleep
  2. Or we talk with our friends
  3. Else writing assignments 

It is a mundane behavior of students who are from any educational i want you to imagine yourself as that faculty who is teaching students and just feel the pain he feels when students are either sleeping or talking in class, rather than listening to his lectures and concentrating on each and every word which comes out of his mouth…It is disrespect to a faculty if his students aren’t even concentrating on his lecture even for a minute…

How do you feel when you scream out to your friend before soo many people around you and he wont even turn back to see you, that’s how humiliated a faculty feels when you do not listen to his lecture even for a minute..

He screams He shouts just to make you more knowledgeable person, so that you can have a bright future, he can get job anywhere with the degrees he holds,, but he took up teaching profession for a reason, a reason that we don’t bother until we face those circumstances…Maybe each and every faculty isn’t that perfect but we too need to remember that no one on this Earth is perfect…

If we score least marks in exam we blame that paper was hard, but deep inside we know that we didn’t work hard,, apply the same situation to a faculty’s life,, he works hard for his students, but in turn he receives some 80% pass percentage and that too 10% people above 90% out of 60 people..He did his job putting his full effort but what did he receive in return ???

As an engineering student i too know how it feels when we sit in a class which is like nuclear physics to us, everything is hard to understand, faculty’s word’s seem to be like  lullabies to us …. But should we disrespect the teacher by talking, making noise, doing assignments rather than just listening to his lecture which is just for 45 minutes ???

I know this article is like a stone on turtle’s shell but still I guess this will make some difference in some hearts…

Faculty is putting their 100% but because of students dis-interest they are even loosing their push that they need, to give  their 100%….

I just want to convey you people a message that no one is perfect but the imperfections in us is what make us do that effort to make ourselves perfect.





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