An Eerie Silence

It wasn’t like this always,

He used to get back to her after a month,

Her attitude distinguished her from the crowd,

Her tolerance, well, it was quite less, contrasting to her intelligence and emotional quotient,

She was one of a kind, The strong headed,

The one who was supposed to go a long way and eventually become famous, or was she already?

They were right, two strong headed people could never make a team, Not all elements in this world blend well,

It was quite a surprise,

Two strangers who never knew each others existence, were now going to movies, fancy dinners but, do all stories have a great ending?

Calls were timeless & precious,

This was debatable too…

Just like their plan for going on a boating trip,

She feared waters,

Her fear was justified, For an individual who came a long way fighting her battles,

There were some battles left unfought,

After all, 7 billion humans on this planet, what would be the effort to reach that one special human?

Negotiations were always made,

And it got tiring, as it always does, But was it destined to be?

Professional life takes over your time and you drown yourself in work rather than sorrow.

A story which was forbidden,

Was now being inscribed elsewhere.

And finally, the curtains fall, Just like the bond they shared,

This time, it was forever and ever…


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2 thoughts on “An Eerie Silence

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    1. Hi Ruchi

      Thanks for giving this a read!! Yep, it has been a long time, maybe its high time to do a comeback on wordpress.

      Read your blogs as well, love the suspense, and the soothing feeling. Like always. Amazing.


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