A Deep Cut

How I learned shaving myself without dad’s help

It was tough at first,

I didn’t know how to use a blade,

Although I was aware of the lather that the gel would produce,

I used to watch my brother shave,

I was never good at it, Never tried it either,

How does a blade feel on your face?

On your throat?

While I saw perfect clean shaved boys at university,

They would brag about how they learned it from their Dad,

But what could I probably brag about,

My Dad being absent or those hundreds of youtube videos on “How to Shave”?

It was never an easy Bargain,

Where I saw boys using different techniques and showing off their skills,

I was here trying to figure out how to hold a blade,

Sometimes, It does become lonely out there, with one of the parents long gone,

And sometimes it makes you strong enough to face any thunderstorm in your life,

I was given options, just how a weak person is thrown easier options,

But I didn’t choose trimmer, why should I,

I can teach myself, they showed it like Dad was the only teacher for this art,

I did succeed in getting myself a clean shave with my very own hands,

It didn’t hurt, But it did burn,

How could I ever blame the after-shave lotion for the emptiness in our stars,

I just smiled,

Destination is a funny little thing,

And that’s when I was mature enough to understand,

Blade’s are close to you, they always were,

But you were protected by your parents, The Guards between you & all the problems,

Not everyone is Blessed!


Be Kind. Be Grateful.



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6 thoughts on “A Deep Cut

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  1. I have actually seen you grow here Kalyan, been there.
    You have matured so much and I can see that in your words. I loved each word of this piece. And I felt them. All the best for future. ♥️♥️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks much Di. You’ve seen me grow from a student to a working professional. Would always be indebted to your kind words and constant support. I wish you all the happiness. Stay Happy 🙂


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