It was a merry ride,

Joyful, Inspiring & Brought us really close,

Katushki was a different person altogether,

She didn’t expect much,

Just a bike ride, Her Requests were Soulful,

They always had those happy little moments in them, that I would enjoy to the fullest,

People tend to index you at different levels in society,

The tags that come along,

Where a person who holds the power of money is considered untouchable,

In such a crook little world, She was the one holding my hand, Never let it go,

Untying Bandages and Plaster around my wounds,

She was looking like a Goddess,


I still remember the day I spent a million dollar bill to get her to the billiards,

It wasn’t just about getting her Attention, There was much more to it,

The tag on her blazer read “Katushki Karzat”,

My memory lane took a severe toll, I wasn’t able to forget that name,

She was a warrior back in the Maldives, A movement Leader,

A Rebel,

Who now was an attendant at a top-notch club in Spain,

Life does take a toll on you,

But she was different,

As I imagined her remove the final plaster around my wound,

I did remember, how her body was thrown 3 blocks away because of an IED Impact.

As she lay there, Still,

Her eyes locked on Me, Wide Open!!

P.S: Katushki Karzat (Name changed) is a story of a warrior women. The best in her class whom I was fortunate enough to meet.




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