The Girl Who Called Me “Veere”

“I have died every day waiting for you”

She told herself while adoring her nameplate fixed on the door,

She had worked quite hard to achieve something like that,

But was that just an achievement for her? Just another medal in her closet?

Or just something that her family would be proud of?

Or was it something she always wanted to pursue?

She had answered all the questions on her way while achieving one among the several milestones she aimed for,

She was never content with how things went, she desired more, she was much intelligent and mature compared to her generation,

She was one of a kind, quite rare to be found and tough to be imprisoned in this cruel world where achievements are counted on the tips of fingers,

Fighting her way back, she earned it,

She accomplished her one of the Goals!

Goals are something that’s quite underrated in this materialistic world, they keep an individual going, but what happens when we deviate from them? We do have goals set in our mind, and we do pursue them, but once in a while, a statement from our heart hits our brain too hard, “Is Life just about the hard work? What about spending time for myself”. We, humans, tend to forget that all the goals we set for ourselves and all the achievements amidst the way of achieving goals are for not for a third person. It’s just for us.

We often tend to run on the wrong side of the road, that doesn’t mean that the road or the path we took doesn’t carry any sense, it’s “Us” who are lost, not the path! It’s similar to an individual on a merry-go-round for an extended interval of time, tends to fail to walk in a straight line, that’s because of the loss of sense and direction for a short timespan that one faces because of the imbalanced fluids which give you a sensation of pseudo-motion. But does that mean the individual would never walk on a straight path ever again?




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