A Smile

And the world came to a stop,

She looked fine, She was even happy,

The widespread smile across his face, She did have beautiful memories,

Memories that She kneaded into her beautiful heart,

Few knew how She dealt with them,

Replaying them every often, She saw herself not giving up on her situation,

But things were going south this time, She wasn’t having control of everything,

She was tired, but she had no choice to select it as a theme on her face,

People do tend to opt a mask, don’t they?

Some to hide, and Some to misguide,

They say Smile is powerful enough to convey the deepest things human muscles could ever do,

But Smile is a tool, it can fail sometimes, Just because it is tested hundreds of times doesn’t ensure that it won’t fail,

Things are quite deceiving these days. And that’s how she managed to pull up a poker face, the one with a smile, While she lay down on the street with her head covered in blood. The Crime Scene covered with a yellow ribbon and tagged “SUICIDE”.

Something that’s quite serious and most of the time it is underseen and underestimated and categorized as a “frustrating” talk, this thing called “Depression”. People during their “depressed” state fail to showcase emotions which switches them to their default emotion i.e. happiness, and we humans, understand things most of the time by Seeing, and later by listening, and our assumptions overpower us most of the time, hence making us believe that the person suffering from depression having a smile on his face makes him a happy person and not a depressed one.

With this we also need to know that Happiness is not the antonym for depression, so why do people suggest one to be happy and not depressed when these two words don’t complement each other? This happens because of one “Sympathizing” and not “Empathizing’. The difference is quite huge which we ever understand on a small scale.  So how does a person look like when he/she suffers from depression?

These victims tend not to show what they’re feeling, because they never tend to look for some sort of help or a supporting hand. Most of the times it’s because Depression is misunderstood as some “Illness”, whereas it’s not. Severe depression can be categorized into Mental Illness as it later leads to dire consequences which are quite disturbing for the individual himself and the person around him. Whereas the initial stages can be diluted by taking proper care of the person. By not bounding the person with responsibilities and providing him with all the resources to just escape. The definition of “Escape” is portrayed in a different sense here. Few people tend to try to escape reality by going to quiet places, or the places they ever wished to go. Such places have a “Happiness Quotient” which tend to give a boost to a person undergoing the phase of depression.

Although, there are several alternatives and several so-called medicines available which put them to sleep. We need something more! It’s the treatment or the way we have to blend the person and bring him/her back to the present!


P.S.: This blog is my take on how to overcome the monster that has taken a lot many lives and in the process of taking a few more. We fail to diagnose it by ourself, and when diagnosed by professional things take the next step. It’s not about always about the next step, it’s about identification before it is too long. I’m currently working on a few kinds of research which include detection of Depression by using various methodologies. Do let me know if you’re interested in the comments section below.

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9 thoughts on “A Smile

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  1. No words Kalyan. I got goose bumps reading the last verse the poem. A smile hides the deepest sadness burning in heart. It’s not a strength but a way to hide…

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  2. Mahaprabhu 🙏I am not a doc yet FYI. The pleasure is all mine to read such deep thoughts in words. We don’t challenge life man. We are to lazy and even life knows that. In order to keep us on our toes it challenges us in ways we don’t understand. Have a great day Mr Multi talented 😉

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